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About Easter

Easter is a Christian holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is observed on the Sunday following the full moon after the March equinox and is one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar.

There are many ways to celebrate Easter. Some common traditions include:

1. Attending church services: Many Christians celebrate Easter by attending church services, which may include special Easter music, prayers, and sermons.

2. Decorating with Easter eggs: Easter eggs are a symbol of new life and are often decorated and exchanged as gifts during Easter. Some people dye eggs with bright colors or decorate them with stickers or other embellishments, while others use plastic or chocolate eggs.

3. Participating in Easter egg hunts: Easter egg hunts are a fun activity for kids and adults alike, and involve hiding eggs around a designated area and then searching for them.

4. Enjoying Easter meals: Easter is often celebrated with a special meal, which may include dishes such as ham, lamb, or roast beef. Many people also enjoy Easter desserts, such as hot cross buns or Easter candy.

5. Sending Easter cards or gifts: Sending Easter cards or gifts is another way to celebrate the holiday. This could involve sending cards or gifts to friends and family members, or making a donation to a charitable organization.

Overall, the celebration of Easter is a time for Christians to come together and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to reflect on the meaning of this important event in their faith.

  • Date: April 17 2023
  • Also Called: Pascha,Resurrection Sunday
  • Significance: Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus
  • Type: Christian, cultural
  • Celebrations: Church services, festive family meals, Easter egg decoration, and gift-giving
  • Observed By:
  • Religious Type: Christian
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